Because Only Together We Can


Who We Are

We are individuals who envision a world where healthcare as a fundamental right, is not a privilege but accessible to all children.

Through partnerships, our mission is to increase access to quality healthcare for children, regardless of socio-economic status.

We believe that health is the cornerstone of human potential, and we are dedicated to realizing this vision for a brighter and healthier future.

What We Do


— We Identify & Support

We assess social issues in communities that obstruct healthcare access. We start by identifying, geographically, which areas are underserved. After this we  come alongside children in these underserved communities and through partnerships help them access  quality health care at no cost to them.


— We Build Networks

We are more beautiful when we come together. We create a healthcare ecosystem by partnering with various industry stakeholders to ensure all children regardless of their social class have access to quality health care.


— We Strengthen

Through our efforts children who are otherwise exposed to health shocks are able to have positive health outcomes which translate to a better future for them. We empower this next generation by ensuring they have a healthier future that is likely to be disrupted by inaccessibility to quality healthcare.


— We Educate

By working closely with healthcare experts we equip these communities with preventive healthcare knowledge which increases their chances of positive health outcomes.


— We Counsel

Children in underserved communities face a myriad of mental health challenges. We provide the health care tools necessary to provide a wholesome approach for the children that helps them to be healthy all round. We also empower community leaders to provide basic counseling skills to the children in the communities.


— We Provide the Platform

With our Ciby Care system we are able to ensure that there is seamless integration of the various health care players across the board. This helps us better serve the communities we engage with.


The Collective Call to Ensure Quality Healthcare for Children

In the vast landscape of societal challenges, the plight of children in residential care often stands out as a beacon of urgency.

Microinsurance: A Game-Changer for Health Coverage

In the fast-paced world we live in, where the youth are forging their paths, health insurance remains an overlooked necessity.


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